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Chili Sauce Processing Machine Cases In America

Our chili sauce processing machine customer is from Trinidad and Tobago. The customer has a farm to grow chili pepper he is a chili sauce manufacturers. Before, he used a household broken wall beater to produce chili sauce and sold it in a small area. Because the sales were very good, he wanted to expand the output and start industrial production.

Chili farm

Before consulting our chili sauce production line , the question that has been bothering customers is: how to expand production and extend the shelf life of chili sauce. According to the customer’s processing capacity and processing requirements for fresh chili peppers, we have designed a customized solution for garbage sauce for customers, enabling customers to enter industrial production from small handmade workshops.

Here is our chili sauce manufacturing process youtube video in our factory for your reference!!

The chili sauce production line mainly includes: cleaning-grinding-packaging, we recommend our chili pepper cleaning equipment-slicing equipment–crushing and grinding equipment–cooking and sterilizing equipment–packaging equipment, and some packaging consumables. The chili sauce has a shelf life of 6-12 months after being processed by our professional chili sauce processing equipment.

chilli sauce processing flow chart

At present, the customer’s chili sauce business has achieved an ideal return on investment compared with the previous one, and the customer is also very satisfied with our chili sauce processing equipment!

Chili sauce processing machine

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