Automatic Red Chili Powder Grinding Processing Machine

chili powder processing line

The chili powder processing machine includes processes such as cleaning, removing impurities, drying, removing seeds, pulverizing, granulating, and quantitative packaging. It is not easy for newcomers to start a chili powder business plant. The chili powder processing machine we provide is designed with scientific structure, technology and equipment. It occupies a small area and is easy to install. In addition, the chili powder making process adopts the international advanced pneumatic pulverizer to grind the coarse powder material, with stable performance and high output, ensuring the coloring of the chili powder. And we can provide you with customized solutions, factory design, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, operator training and other services according to the status of your finished pepper products.


Chilli Powder Making Process Flow Chart


The chili powder making process mainly includes: picking fresh chili → cleaning and drying chili → removing chili → drying chili → removing seeds from dried chili → grinding chili powder → packaging chili powder.

red chili powder production line

Chili Pepper cleaning

Use a bubble washer to remove stones, other damaged peppers, dust and dirt from fresh peppers to get high-quality pepper powder. The tumbling of the bubbles generated by the eddy current can remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the pepper. The stones, small sand, rope ends and other impurities in the pepper will sink to the bottom and be filtered out, thereby ensuring the cleaning effect of the pepper. After the chili is cleaned, it is usually air-dried to quickly remove the residual water droplets on the surface of the chili after cleaning and improve the efficiency of subsequent chili processing.

Stem the chili peppers

Stem cutting systems consist of rollers and blades. Use this machine to remove and separate the cold stems from the cold. The cold stock is fed into the drum, which has many holes on its surface, so the cold stock stems get stuck in these holes. The knife is placed outside the drum, the drum rotates, and the knife continuously cuts the valve stem. Using this process, the cold air remains inside the drum and the stems stay outside and are separated.

Chili pepper drying

For pepper drying equipment, we recommend using a multi-layer mesh belt dryer to dry fresh peppers (whole) or flakes to facilitate subsequent processes. And this kind of automation is high, the daily processing capacity of pepper is large, and the quality of fresh-keeping is good; it can maintain the plump fruit shape, bright color and inherent capsaicin of pepper; it can effectively shorten the drying cycle and reduce the processing cost of pepper;

Deseeded chili peppers

The chili/pepper seeder is mainly used to separate the seeds and skins. Suitable for all kinds of chili/chili seed skin separation. Whole peppers can be seeded, and the peel and seeds are separated into large and clean pieces. Capsicum/capsicum seeds can be directly bagged. It is an essential supporting equipment for deep processing of pepper/chili.

Chili pepper grinding

Our chili powder production machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, low power consumption and high output. The chili powder mill has multiple processes such as crushing, screening, and dust removal to complete the powder processing. The processing technology is divided into coarse crushing and fine crushing. The material is pulverized by the opposite rotating toothed roller, and the color of the chili powder will not be changed due to the high temperature during the processing. The material is conveyed by wind, and the sealing performance is good. The dust is filtered by a high-pressure pulse dust collector, which greatly reduces the irritating odor and dust generated in the production process, and greatly improves the working environment. It is an ideal equipment for pepper or other spice processing.

Quantitative packaging

The powder packing machine will tightly pack qualified chili powder or chili granules to isolate the entry of outside air, which has the effect of moisture-proof and anti-fouling, so that we can use fresh qualified chili powder or chili granules at any time. In this way, the quality of qualified chili powder or chili granules is guaranteed. Secondly, the powder packaging machine is also transformed for commodities, and products of different shapes are packaged into commodities with certain specifications to meet people’s daily needs.


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Chili Powder Processing Machine Features

  1. The chili powder processing machine material is food-grade stainless steel, which ensures the safety and hygiene during the processing of chili pepper;
  2. The chili powder machiney temperature will not increase during the processing, which can completely avoid the loss of chili powder price caused by the high temperature of the machine.
  3. The chili powder processing machine can also be equipped with an automatic feeding machine. The entire production line is controlled by PLC, which not only reduces manpower, but also keeps the materials clean and hygienic
  4. According to customer needs, we provide customized services to help customers draft workshop layout work, so that customers can intuitively understand equipment requirements and budget costs.

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