Industrial Hot Chili Sauce Processing Production Line

chili sauce processing line

The chili sauce production line selects high-quality chili after cleaning, crushing, grinding, boiling, stirring, and canning into various chili sauce seasonings that we commonly find in supermarkets. The red color of chili sauce comes from the true color of peppers, so the color is bright red. In the cooking process, it has the characteristics of coloring and good sense, which makes people have a strong sense of appetite. During the cooking process of our common chili sauce, different spices can be added according to the taste preferences of the local market, which is closer to the local market demand.


Chilli Sauce Processing Flow Chart


Dried and fresh pepper selection→chili pepper cleaning→chili crushing→ chili sauce grinding→chili sauce boiling→chili sauce ingredients→chili sauce stirring→chili sauce filling→chili sauce sterilization→packaged chili sauce labeling, coding, packing, finished chili sauce

hot chili sauce processing line

Chili Pepper cleaning: Its main function is to clean the dust on the surface of fresh peppers, which is convenient for entering the next process.
Vibrating water filter: Its main function is to shake off the water on the surface of peppers to prevent water from being brought in. After shaking and draining the peppers, go into the grinder and chop them.
Chili Pepper crushing: The drained peppers are put into the crusher and chopped, and the shape of the finished product can be adjusted.
Chili Sauce: Put the chopped chili into the chili sauce grinder for grinding. The ground chili sauce tastes more delicate and even.
Chili Sauce Cooking: Its main function is to fry the chili, and heat it evenly during the frying process, so that it will not stick to the bottom of the pot.
Adding and stirring the ingredients: according to the taste preference of the local market for the chili sauce, some spices can be appropriately added and stirred evenly.
Canned chili sauce: It is generally recommended to configure a fully automatic chili sauce filling machine with functions such as bottle sorting, capping, labeling, etc., to help chili sauce processing enterprises improve the production efficiency of chili sauce processing.


Hot Sauce Making Machine Youtube Video


Hot Sauce Processing Machine Parameter


Chili Processing Machine




Chili Washing Machine




Chili de-watering machine



Chili Paste Grinding  Machine




Chili Sauce Filling Machine 


16-20 Bottles/min



Chili Sauce Production Line Features


Durable, can produce all kinds of chili sauce food efficiently;
The equipment is easy to operate, easy to maintain, stable to use, and has high automation strength;
There is no residue on the surface of the bottle after filling by this chili sauce production line equipment;
The equipment has low power consumption and can be customized according to the actual situation of customers;
The chili sauce production line equipment moves smoothly and accurately, and is an ideal mechanical and electrical integration product at present;
The equipment surface and material contact surface are all made of stainless steel, with no dripping, no wire drawing, easy cleaning, and no dead corners, fully complying with the requirements of food safety and hygiene standards;
The linear chili sauce processing production line is an improved design based on reference to similar products at home and abroad, and it also adds some additional functions to make the cleaning, maintenance and other aspects of the sauce filling machine more simple and convenient ;

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