red chilli drying technology

Red Chilli Drying Technology

At present, the more popular red pepper drying technology is heat pump drying technology. Heat pump is a thermal system that uses a certain amount of low-temperature heat energy to obtain higher temperature and can use heat energy.

The system composed of heat pump and conventional drying equipment is called heat pump dryer or dehumidification dryer, which is mainly a closed-circuit circulation system composed of compressor, evaporator, condenser and expansion valve.

Red chili drying principle

After the working fluid in the heat pump system absorbs the heat from the exhaust gas discharged from the drying process in the evaporator, it is evaporated from liquid to vapor; after being compressed by the compressor, it is sent to the condenser; under high pressure, the working fluid of the heat pump is condensed and liquefied, and high temperature is released. The heat of condensation heats the low-temperature dry air from the evaporator, which is cooled and dehumidified. After heating the low-temperature dry air to the required temperature, it enters the drying room and is used as a drying medium for circulation. The liquefied heat pump working medium returns to the evaporator through the expansion valve. , and so on.

Red Chili Drying Machine Details

The application of heat pump drying technology to the drying of peppers has attracted more and more attention. Heat pump drying machine has obvious advantages such as energy saving, easy control of drying parameters, and good quality of pepper drying. If you have more questions about red pepper drying technology, please feel free to leave a message online with us! !

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