Chili Processing Machine For Dried Red Chili Pepper

dried chili processing line

The chili processing machine can dry the fresh chili by the chili dryer, and then package and sell the dried chili. Through the processing of the pepper production line, the fresh peppers picked in large quantities can be prevented from becoming moldy and deteriorated, and the shelf life of the peppers can be prolonged, so that we can also eat the original peppers in the cold winter. In addition to the edible value of pepper, the nutritional value is also very high. Therefore, dried chili peppers and chili products have always been favored by the public in the international trade market, and dried chili peppers and chili products are one of the important export seasonings.


Red Chilli Drying Process Flow Chart


A complete chili pepper processing production line can be divided into chili cleaning→cleaned chili air-drying→chili screening→chili dehydrating→chili color sorting→chili handle removal→dried chili packaging, etc. Some food processing companies will also purchase related cutting equipment for use.

dried chili processing line

From picking to drying, to packaging and delivery, the processing technology of peppers is relatively cumbersome. In order to facilitate the use of more pepper production and processing customers, we will introduce to you the parts of the complete pepper processing production line equipment. What does this part do.

The main function of cleaning is to remove the dust and impurities on the surface of fresh peppers. Due to the large planting area of ​​peppers, they are exposed to the open air for a long time. The open environment and birds and animals make their surfaces adhere to related impurities. Direct processing does not meet the food processing standards. , and, in the process of harvesting, some soil will adhere to the surface of the pepper fruit, so it is very necessary to clean it.

Air-drying, after the fresh peppers are cleaned, water droplets will adhere to the surface. After cleaning, they will be stacked directly, which will cause corruption. If they are dried directly after cleaning, the moisture will absorb heat and cause the pepper drying process. Therefore, it can be used with an air dryer to remove the water on the surface of the cleaned peppers, which is convenient for the next process.

The screening process is the process of picking the impurities or the size of the peppers. In this process, the stems and leaves of the peppers will be separated, and the smaller peppers will be screened out to ensure the overall quality of the peppers. Uniformity of shape and size in pepper production and processing.

Drying is actually an important process of the pepper processing production line. The quality of drying determines the economic value of peppers. Therefore, the requirements for related equipment are very high. In addition to meeting food processing standards, it must also be able to realize automation and intelligence. Processing mode, which can control the drying process of peppers and ensure the quality requirements of the finished dried peppers. At present, only large mesh belt type automatic dryers and small and medium-sized air energy heat pump drying rooms can meet this requirement. These two kinds of pepper drying equipment use intelligent automatic drying mode. The temperature, humidity and time in the process are intelligently controlled. A single set of large pepper drying machines can dry 2 tons to dozens of tons of fresh peppers per day, and the daily processing capacity of small and medium-sized pepper drying rooms is 200 kg to 5 About tons, our factory has these two kinds of pepper drying equipment all year round. If you have related needs, you can contact us at any time.

Color sorting equipment is one of the most commonly used pepper drying production lines. Due to the variety of pepper drying equipment purchased and used by customers, especially the use of pepper dryers produced by small manufacturers, the yield of pepper drying products has been increased. The color quality is not uniform. At this time, it is necessary to use color sorting equipment to select the unqualified peppers to ensure the overall quality and effect of the peppers.

The function of the chili machine is to remove the stems from the tail of the dried chili, and the price of the chili processed by the chili will increase a lot. It is also very popular with chili buyers and food processing enterprises. The handle machine has become a common equipment for processors.

Packaging is a common equipment. Under normal circumstances, dried and processed peppers need to be packaged in plastic film to prevent moisture regain, and then a layer of plastic woven bag will be placed on the outside for reinforcement. After bundling, it can be directly loaded into the car. transport or direct storage.

The complete equipment composition of the pepper processing production line is the above. This is also the pepper production and processing equipment that customers often ask about during the development process of more than ten years. As an enterprise focusing on pepper production and processing, we can also provide customers with a complete set of Pepper processing production line equipment, and also improve related overall drying solutions, technical services, drying process data, etc. Customers are welcome to leave a message online for consultation.


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Dried Chili Processing Machine Parameter


Dried Chili Processing Machine




Chili Washing Machine




Chili de-watering machine




Chili Dehydrating Machine




Chili Packing Machine





Dried Chili Production Line Features


High efficiency and energy saving, environment friendly;
Support customers to send materials for drying experiments, and provide customers with the best drying data;
Support customized services, and can design pepper drying solutions suitable for user needs according to customer needs;
The special air supply method is adopted to make the heating area of the peppers larger and more uniform, and to better maintain the color, aroma and taste of the inherent quality of the peppers.
The chili processing capacity is large, and the drying output ranges from several tons to dozens of tons, which can meet the pepper processing needs of medium and large pepper processing plants;

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