Automatic Hot Chili Sauce Filling Packing Machine

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
Customization Support Customization
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The automatic chili sauce filling machine is especially suitable for the filling of granular and high-concentration chili sauce in condiments, as well as other sauce products of the same concentration, such as bean paste, peanut butter, sesame sauce, jam, butter hot pot bottom, red oil hot pot bottom and other substances. It is suitable for filling materials with obvious oil content and uneven particles. It is an ideal equipment for packaging of other sauces such as chili sauce.

chili sauce filling machine
chili sauce filling machine

Chilli Sauce Filling Machine Advantages

01 The whole machine is made of food SUS304/316L stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic and meets SC requirements
02The whole machine is driven by a servo motor for 9000 hours without consumables. The noise is lower than 40 decibels during normal filling, very quiet.
03 A variety of filling principles and stirring modes are used to separate oil and material without dripping after filling. Both viscous sauces and large-grained sauces can be filled manually.
04The material conveying pipes are all made of silicone pipes, which are resistant to high temperature of 120 degrees, do not contain plasticizers, and do not decompose at high temperatures.

Automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine Parameter

Model GG-GT4T-4G
Voltage 220V  50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
SS Material SUS304
Pistion Material PTFE
Main Cylinder SMC(Japan)
PLC&Screen Delta
Filling Volume Range 100-1000ml
Filling Heads 4
Filling Speed 16-20 Bottles/Min
Machine Size (L*W* H)  2000*1050*1900 mm
Weight 350Kg
automatic chili sauce filling machine
automatic chili sauce filling machine

Chili Sauce Filling Machine Features

There are 8 glass filling machines on the production line, and the filling head can be increased as required.
Motor speed-regulated filling plunger cylinder, suitable for all kinds of water, and also suitable for viscous chili sauce.
Cleaning, adjustment, speed regulation of volume cylinder, suitable for filling of chili sauce with different specifications and different viscosities.
The filling volume of the chili sauce filling machine can be adjusted, and each capacity cylinder can be fine-tuned, with high filling precision and good consistency.
The man-machine interface of the chili sauce filling machine communicates with the PLC, and the equipment can be debugged or the product can be replaced by setting on the screen. Automatic bottle feeding, positioning, filling and bottle feeding.