Commercial Red Chilli Powder Grinding Making Machine

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The chilli powder grinding machine can grind dry chili into 20-120 mesh chili powder.Through the relative movement between the movable toothed disc and the fixed toothed disc, the pepper grinder makes the dried hot peppers pulverized by tooth impact, friction and impact between the peppers. The pepper grinder has the characteristics of good crushing capacity, high production efficiency and low failure rate.

chili powder making machine
chili powder making machine

Chilli Grinding Machine Advantages

The chilli grinding machine structure is simple, firm, stable in operation and good in crushing effect.
The parts in contact with the peppers are made of stainless steel, which can effectively avoid the volatilization, deterioration and loss of the peppers during the crushing process.
There is no dust flying in the production process, and it can improve the recovery rate of chili powder and reduce the cost of enterprises. It has reached the international advanced level.
The crushed chili powder can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber of the main machine, and the particle size can be obtained by replacing the mesh screen with different apertures.
The inner wall of the casing is all machined to achieve a smooth and smooth surface, changing the phenomenon of rough inner wall and powder accumulation, so that the production of chili powder meets the standards and meets the requirements of GMP.

Here is our chili powder milling machine testing in our factory for your reference!!

Chilli Powder Grinder Parameter

Capacity KG 5-20 50-100 50-200 100-400 200-500 200-800
Discharge fineness 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120
Cutter diameter mm 150 200 300 350 500 550
monitor rate KW 1.5 4.0 5.5 11.0 15.0 18.5
Dust removal power KW 0.55 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2
Total Weight KG 60 140 220 440 560 620
Dust removal weight KG 110 230 310 560 680 760
Dimensions mm 450*350*950 600*500*1170 750*600*1370 800*700*1450 850*950*1550 900*1100*1750
Dust removal size mm 800*500*1200 1000*500*1400 1200*700*1850 1350*900*2000 1400*900*2150 1600*1100*2300


chili powder grinding machine
chili powder grinding machine

Chilli Powder Making Machine Features

High-speed crushing chamber

High-hardness solid teeth and high-speed rotating teeth allow the flow to pass through the peppers and crush them thoroughly.

Increase the feeding port

The rounded edge is designed to prevent cutting hands, the cutting is more reliable, the operation is simple, and the cutting speed can be controlled by rotating the screw.

Wide round outlet

The stainless steel smooth discharge port does not stick to the material, the discharge is faster and smoother, the cleaning is more convenient, and there is no need to worry about the problem of odor.


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