Small Scale Fresh Chili Chopping Crushing Machine Hot Sale

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
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The chili pepper crushing machine uses high-speed rotating blades to perform indiscriminate high-speed cutting and crushing operations on peppers, which can quickly crush peppers into mud or fine particles, with fast processing speed and good effect. Crushed good helper, you can choose large or small size according to processing needs, can be used for processing garlic, ginger, pepper, shrimp.

chili chopping machine
chili chopping machine

Chili Pepper Crushing Machine Advantages

1. The whole machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel;
2. Firm base, high-quality stainless steel base; base material 304 stainless steel, base length 80mm!
The thickened base can make the machine more stable when working, not shaking, and safe production!
3. The material inlet is upgraded and the design of the large inlet is enlarged;
①Increase the depth of material 0 to facilitate the delivery of materials, safer and higher output!
② Imported feeding port, long-term use without discoloration, safer food contact, longer service life
4. Using stainless steel blade cutter, stainless steel blade, durable, corrosion-resistant, the number and angle of blades can be adjusted to adjust the thickness of the product, easy to operate!

chili crushing machine
chili crushing machine

Chili Pepper Chopping Machine Parameters

Name Chili Crushing Machine
Voltage 220V
Motor power 0.735kw
Weight 40KG
Capacity 200KG/h
Dimension 660*390* 780mm

Chili Pepper Crushing Machine Features

1. The machine is very easy to clean and has no hygienic dead ends.
2. Waterproof protection can be added, or a special enlarged feeding port can be replaced.
3. Using multi-knife high-speed rotary cutting, it can effectively cut ginger and other fibers.
4. Frequency conversion control can change the cutting thickness effect without changing the knife.