Automatic Red Chili Pepper Stem Tails Cutting Removing Machine

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
Customization Support Customization
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The chili stem cutting machine adopts the conveyor belt to automatically transport the peppers to the knife edge to simulate the work of cutting circles and sections by hand. It can process 300-500 kilograms of dried peppers per hour, get rid of the traditional manual cutting method, improve efficiency and save the cost of pepper processing. The pepper cutting machine is actually a machine for deep processing of peppers in various pepper processing enterprises, food factories, pepper production areas, etc.

chili stem cutting machine
chili stem cutting machine

Chili Stem Cutting Machine Advantages

1. The hob is cut into sections, and the hob is used to cut the dried peppers into sections, with high speed and high efficiency
2. Adjust as needed, the size of the cut segment can be customized according to different needs, and the finished product is uniform and beautiful
3. The pepper seeds can be separated, and there is a vibrating screen in the outlet, which can separate the peppers from the pepper seeds
4.304 stainless steel, the shell is made of thickened stainless steel plate, the conveyor belt is food-grade conveyor belt, safe and hygienic

Here is the chili stem cutting machine testing youtube video for your reference:

Chili Tails Removing Machine Parameter

Model GG-1
Motor Power 1.5KW
Voltage 380V/220V
Belt width 315MM
Cut length 8-20MM customize
Capacity 500-1000KG/H
Dimension 1350*650*1050MM

Chili Stem Cutting Machine Features

The cut pepper segments are neat and regular, and the skin/seed can be separated
Automatic conveying of large output, separation and screening of pepper peels and peppers
Thickened stainless steel body, anti-rust, strong corrosion resistance, durable, easy to clean
Solid round steel knife shaft design, easy to move, easy to disassemble, easy to adjust, change the blade to change the specification