Multifunction Chili Pepper Vegetable Cutting Machine

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
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The chili pepper cutting machine is designed to simulate the principle of manual vegetable cutting. According to the needs of customers who process dried peppers or fresh peppers into small pieces, the peppers are cut into pieces, and the length of the cut pieces is evenly adjustable. This chili cutting machine is mainly used for cutting various stem and leaf soft vegetables, as well as slicing or shredding slender hard vegetables. It is an ideal processing equipment for the production of fresh vegetables and dehydrated vegetables in the vegetable processing industry.

chili cutting machine
chili cutting machine

Chili Cutting Machine Advantages

It is designed to fully simulate the principle of manual cutting process;
It is suitable for cutting long and thin leafy vegetables, and the length of the cutting section can be adjusted within the range of 1-20mm;
High chili pepper vegetable cutting efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, hygienic, safe and efficient, it is an ideal equipment for chili pepper  processing industry;
The quality of the cut surface is good, the length error of the cut chili pepper is small, the thickness of the slices is uniform, the cut surface tissue is fresh, and the fibrous tissue is not damaged;

Chili Pepper Cutting Machine Parameter

Model Power Capacity Dimension Weigh
GG-660 0.75kw 220V 600 KG/H 902*462*742mm 140 kg
GGQC-1000 1.5kw 380V 1000 KG/H 1302*512*1052mm 380 kg

Vegetable Cutting Machine Features

The chili pepper cutter uses a rotating knife disc to cut various chili pepper  into segments or slices
The machine is a customized type, and is equipped with a dredging groove design, so that the peppers are transported along the runway and the incision is neat.
Put the chili pepper to be cut on the conveyor belt, and transport it under the cutter through the conveyor belt, and the cutter cuts the pepper in a linear reciprocating manner.
Both dried and fresh chili peppers can be cut. The length of the cut section (circle) can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the cutting is uniform. It is an ideal equipment for the catering industry and chili pepper processing enterprises.