Industrial Chilli Water Removing Drying Machine

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
Customization Support Customization
Different Payments T/T,Trade Assurance, Western Union

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The chilli water removing drying machine adopts a low-power, low-noise fan, and the air outlet is shaped like an air knife. The drying temperature is two kinds of normal temperature and high temperature, which effectively protects the color and quality of the chili itself. It greatly shortens the preparation time for subsequent drying and grinding of peppers, is suitable for pepper flow operations, and improves the production efficiency of pepper processing enterprises.

Chilli Drying Machine Adavantages

Food grade stainless steel
Compliant with food safety standards
Multi-segment tumbling design of mesh belt
Automatic continuous production with high efficiency

Chili Water Remving Machine Parameter


Chilli Water Removing Machine Features

Electronic control system
Microcomputer control system button knob operation is easy to use and easy to set

Double exhaust fan
Double-row large air volume fan material with large wind area and large fan outlet is equipped with air knife, the air volume is concentrated to dry the fast air nozzle, the angle and height are adjustable

tumbling mesh belt
The mesh belt tumbling design is designed to tumble the material multiple times for drying and cooling.

water tray
Equipped with a detachable water tray to collect water and impurities uniformly, it can be pulled out from the side for cleaning, convenient and labor-saving


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