Automatic Vertical Chili Powder Packing Filling Machine

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
Customization Support Customization
Different Payments T/T,Trade Assurance, Western Union

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The chili powder packing machine is suitable for bag packaging of various powdery materials. The stepping motor controls the feeding screw and the filling accuracy is accurate. The metering system is controlled by the stepping motor. The chili powder packaging machine is suitable for materials with poor natural fluidity, and has the advantages of fast, accurate, economical and practical.

chili powder packing machine
chili powder packing machine

Chilli Powder Packing Machine Advantages

Cursor locator
Realize automatic positioning of packaging products without dislocation
Metering device
Adopt screw metering device, accurate metering, suitable for a variety of powders
Horizontal sealing device
Constant temperature heat sealing cutter, sealing the front and rear ends of the packaged products

Chilli Powder Filling Machine Parameter

Model GGLF-500
Packing Speed 18-35Bags/min|40-65 Bags/min
Bag making Size L: 40-320mm|W: 40-220mm
Power 1.8 kw/220v
Thickness of Film 0.03-0.07 mm
Measuring Range 100-1000ML
Weight 500 kg
Dimension 980*1200*1900 mm

Chilli Powder Packing Machine Features

Equipped with a variety of automatic alarm protection functions to minimize loss
Servo film transport system positioning standard, synchronous belt transport film, stable and reliable
The chili powder packing machine has perfect design, reasonable structure, easy adjustment and maintenance.
The automatic correction function saves time and film, and improves the possibility and intelligent speed of the whole machine
This machine is matched with a metering device to automatically complete the whole process of product metering, feeding, filling and bag making, printing date, inflation (exhaust), and finished product transportation.