Stainless Steel Chili Sauce Jacketed Pot With Mixer

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
Customization Support Customization
Different Payments T/T,Trade Assurance, Western Union

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The chili sauce jacketed pot is a double-layer structure composed of a spherical pot body, and steam is passed through the middle layer to heat the chili sauce. Compared with traditional cookware, it has the advantages of large heating area, high thermal efficiency and uniform heating. The equipment has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, easy installation, convenient operation, safety and reliability, easy maintenance and convenient maintenance.

hot sauce cooking pot
hot sauce cooking pot

Chili Sauce Jacketed Pot Advantages

Strong applicability
Diversified heating methods can meet the plant conditions and production needs of different customers

Reasonable design
The product is beautiful in appearance, reasonable in design, compact in structure, tiltable design, reliable and stable

Efficient heating
Large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid material, easy control of heating temperature

Safe and convenient.
Made of stainless steel with stable performance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, it can effectively ensure the safety of food

non stick bottom
Disposable hemispherical pot body, double scraper design, clean and hygienic, evenly stirred, and the stirring ruler scrapes down and stirs without dead ends

cooking pot
cooking pot


Model GG-100
Capacity(L) 100L
Diameter(mm) 930mm
Pressure (MPa) 0.3
Temperature 140~160
Dimension(mm) 1320*970*960mm


1. Heating method: Electric heating, gas and steam heating methods can be selected to meet the heating needs of various materials.

2. Basic structure: It can be divided into vertical, vertical stirring, tilting and tilting stirring.

3. Product material: The inner pot body (inner pot) of this pot is made of acid-resistant and heat-resistant 304 stainless steel.

4. The form of turning the pot: it is composed of a worm gear, a worm, a hand wheel and a bearing seat, etc. It is more labor-saving to choose a hand-operated reducer to turn the pot.