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China’s pepper processing industry advantages

In our country, chili is mainly processed, usually dry chili is used as raw material to produce chili sauce, chili powder, etc. With the development of industrialization and the advancement of science and technology, the scale of my country’s pepper processing industry has continued to expand. At present, my country has become a major exporter of pepper and pepper products. In the future, the advantages of my country’s pepper processing industry will be more obvious!

According to the current situation of my country’s pepper processing industry, pepper processing is mainly food processing. The output of deep processing industry is small, but the global demand is large, such as capsaicin, capsicum resin, capsaicin, etc. Therefore, the overall advantage of pepper processing industry has great development. prospect.

In fact, whether it is pepper food processing or deep processing, the relevant processing equipment will determine the quality of the finished product. Common equipment includes: washing machines, cutting machines, dryers, packaging machines and other pre-processed products. Deep-processing products include candy soaking, blanching Machines, fermentation machines, dryers, drainers, fryers, degreasers, coolers, seasoning machines, etc., the functions of each equipment are different. Like food processing, the basic requirements are the above-mentioned processing equipment and material contact parts Food grade stainless steel is required to meet hygienic standards. The above equipment is very mature in my country, whether it is processing by small enterprises or customized by large standardized factories, it can be satisfied.

In short, the development advantages of my country’s pepper processing industry are still very obvious. From the perspective of market demand for food processing and foreign export demand, the pepper market has strong industrial development prospects and significant economic benefits. If the development opportunity is seized in time and the investment and application of equipment are increased, the pepper market still has great development prospects.

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