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How to Dry Chili Peppers?

The chili pepper drying machine advent has promoted the rapid development of the pepper drying industry, and solved the many hidden dangers of safety and pollution in the traditional natural drying process of peppers. Various disadvantages such as sand and dust pollution. The popularization and application of chili dryers to some extent represent the scale development level of the chili drying industry. For this reason, it is imperative and urgent to widely use pepper dryers and improve the automation level of the pepper drying industry.

chili drying machine

Red chili pepper drying processing technology
The pepper dryer uses the hot air generated by the hot blast stove as the drying medium, and sends the hot air to the mesh belt dryer through the hot air distribution and transmission parts to dry the peppers. The running speed of the belt, the temperature and humidity in the drying room, etc. can be adjusted by the electronic control system to meet the drying treatment of different varieties of peppers and ensure the continuous and automatic operation of the equipment.

Red pepper drying process
Sectional drying of peppers is the most commonly used method for pepper drying at present. The water content of peppers is generally 70%-80%. When drying, we dry them in stages, from the stage of low temperature and low humidity, to the stage of high temperature and high humidity, and then to the stage of high temperature and low humidity, and heating and drying step by step. The fresh chili is about to be dried until the moisture content is 50%, and then the second drying is carried out. Stepping on the pile and sweating is a very important step in the pepper drying process. Whether or not this step is adopted has a great impact on the quality, drying time and drying amount of the pepper. After stepping on the pile and sweating, the drying speed of the peppers is faster, the color of the peppers is better, and the drying cost is more saved.

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The productivity of the pepper drying operation mainly determines the temperature of the dried pepper itself, rather than the temperature-carrying and moisture-removing capacity of the hot air. From the perspective of ensuring that the nutrients of the peppers are not affected after drying and improving the productivity, the hot air temperature for drying the peppers is 60 ℃-70℃ is suitable.

How long does it take to dry peppers in dehydrator?

At present, the most commonly used equipment for drying peppers are mainly pepper drying boxes and mesh belt pepper dryers. Next, we will introduce the time problem of pepper drying.
The pepper drying machine is an energy-saving box-type heat pump drying room equipment. After drying, the product quality is good, the equipment is highly intelligent, the operation is simple and convenient, and there is no need for special personnel. This kind pepper drying machine adopts the heat pump air drying method. Generally, it takes about 20-30 hours for peppers to go from wet to dry. Due to the different moisture conditions of different peppers, the drying time of peppers is also different.

The mesh belt type chili pepper drying machine is a continuous type of pepper drying equipment. The box body is composed of multi-layer mesh belts, which can be dried at the same time, with large output, high temperature resistance, simple operation, labor saving, and accurate temperature control. The drying time of pepper is generally about 6-12 hours, and the equipment is suitable for almost all heat sources.

Comparing the above two kinds of pepper drying machine, it is obvious that the mesh belt type pepper drying machine is more efficient and more suitable for large-scale pepper drying business.

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