Stainless Steel Red Chilli Pepper Washing Machine

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
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The chilli washing machine also known as the bubble wave washing machine, uses high-pressure water flow to impact the surface of the pepper to form a cleaning water column containing air bubbles. The cleaning water column moves at a high speed to impact the surface of the chili pepper. The function of impact and brushing, the small bubble cleaning machine scrubs the surface of the chili peppers and cleans the peppers. The chili pepper washing machine is mainly used for the cleaning of various fresh peppers and dried peppers, and is prepared for the next step of adding chili peppers. The material of the equipment is made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and high hygiene and cleanliness.

Pepper Washing Machine Advantages

1. Good cleaning effect, no damage to vegetable skin;
2. The pepper washing machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel;
3. Smooth operation, simple installation, convenient operation and low energy consumption;

Chili Pepper Washing Machine Parameter

Chilli  Washing Machine Power(KW) Size(mm) Capacity(KG/H) Weight(KG) Roller Size(mm)
GGXM800 1.1 1600*850*800 400 220 800
GGXM1000 1.5 1800*850*800 600 260 1000
GGXM1200 1.5 2000*850*800 800 280 1200
GGXM1500 2.2 2300*850*800 1000 320 1500
GGXM2000 3 2800*850*800 1500 420 2000
GGXM2600 4.37 3100*850*1450 2000 600 2600


Chilli Washing Machine Features

High pressure spray cleaning
The material is scoured by the water flow of the high-pressure water pump and gradually moved to the conveyor mesh belt under the push of water, and is lifted out of the inner tank and then sprayed for cleaning. The material is washed twice and enters the following process.

Water circulation filter
The machine is equipped with a water circulation filtration system, and the water is filtered through the filter box during use, which can be recycled to save water.

The mesh belt is automatically lifted
During the cleaning process, the conveyor mesh belt automatically lifts the material, replacing manual labor, reducing work intensity and improving work efficiency.

Stainless steel material
The machine is made of stainless steel and has the characteristics of high work efficiency, stable performance, convenient installation and use, etc.


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