chili drying machine

How Much Does Pepper Drying Machine Cost

How much does pepper drying machine cost?The price of pepper dryer ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the model selected. As a professional chili pepper drying machine manufacturer, we have pepper drying box, heat pump dryer, continuous mesh belt dryer. Among them, the output of the pepper drying box ranges from hundreds of catties to several thousand catties. The output of the mesh belt pepper dryer ranges from two tons to several hundred tons, covering multiple models of different categories. Therefore, the price of the pepper dryer is not fixed, and it depends on the model you choose and the output requirements.

chili drying machine
chili drying machine

Generally, when the chili pepper processing capacity is relatively large, a continuous mesh belt dryer is better to invest. The continuous pepper drying machine is an energy-saving drying equipment that integrates dehumidification, heating and dehumidification. The pepper drying machine is equipped with multiple heat recovery devices, which effectively improves the utilization rate of heat energy and greatly saves operating costs. Heat pump drying is close to natural drying. After drying, the color and shape of peppers are well preserved, and the rehydration is good. It is suitable for long-term storage. Now it has become an ideal equipment for pepper drying and processing.

Red Chilli Drying Technology

The pepper drying machine uses the hot air generated by the hot blast stove as the drying medium, and sends the hot air to the mesh belt dryer through the hot air distribution and transmission parts to dry the peppers. The running speed of the belt, the temperature and humidity in the drying room, etc. can be adjusted by the electronic control system to meet the drying treatment of different varieties of peppers and ensure the continuous and automatic operation of the equipment.

Red Chilli Drying Process

The chili pepper drying machine is equipped with a feeding port, pour the pepper into the feeding port, set the thickness of the material, and the pepper will be transported to the drying box through the mesh belt. There are multiple layers of mesh belts inside the drying box. The mesh belt keeps moving forward. After the drying of the upper layer is completed, it automatically falls to the mesh belt of the lower layer. At the same time, the reverse is completed, and the drying is more uniform. After the drying is completed, the dried peppers are discharged from the outlet. send out. The hot air inside the drying box enters from the bottom, penetrates the mesh belt layer by layer, and takes the excess moisture out of the drying box to complete the drying purpose.

At present, the pepper drying machine developed and produced by our company is not only popular in China, but also exported to dozens of countries and regions. After the equipment is put into use, it not only improves the production efficiency of pepper, but also reduces the production cost of the enterprise, achieves good drying effect, improves the overall economic benefit, and has been well received by domestic and foreign consumers. If you want to invest in a pepper drying machine, or want to get detailed information on the price of a pepper dryer, please feel free to leave a message online with us, and we will arrange professional technical service personnel to contact you as soon as possible!

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