Vietnamese fresh chili

Vietnamese chili products approved for export to China

According to “People’s Daily” reported that Vietnamese fresh chili products were officially approved not long ago, and the export activities to China have resumed. According to information from the Commercial Office of the Vietnamese Embassy in China, the General Administration of Customs of China recently sent a letter to notify that after organizing experts to review materials and video on-site verification, China has registered five Vietnamese pepper production enterprises that plan to export to China. From March 3, 2022, fresh peppers produced by these five companies can be exported to China.

According to the notification from the Chinese functional department, Vietnamese peppers exported to China need to meet the phytosanitary requirements of the Chinese side. Each batch of products must be quarantined by the Vietnamese official or officially certified agency, and the relevant technical parameters should be indicated in the phytosanitary certificate.

Nong Duc Lai, Commercial Counselor of the Vietnamese Embassy in China, revealed that this is the first batch of five Vietnamese companies to receive approval to export fresh chili products to China after China suspended the import of fresh chili peppers from Vietnam for a period of time. A country with a population of 1.4 billion has great demand for various agricultural products and food such as peppers. Therefore, Vietnamese enterprises need to conduct in-depth research and meet the increasingly high requirements of this market, so as to promote regular trade and ensure a stable outlet for Vietnamese agricultural products.

Counselor Nong Duc Lai also said that as of March 4, 2022, Chinese functional departments have issued 1,808 import and export codes for agricultural products and food to Vietnamese enterprises in order to conduct various formal import and export trade activities with the country. In the context of China’s tightening of quarantine activities for imported and exported goods at border ports to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, meeting various new regulations in order to obtain import and export codes is regarded as the only way to fully tap the Chinese consumer market.

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