Thai green chilli sauce

Thai Green Chilli Sauce Manufacturing Process

Green chilli sauce is one of the specialties of Chiang Mai Province. It has natural material and delicious taste, and is loved by consumers. So do you know how such a delicious chilli sauce is made? Today, I will reveal the secrets of the Thai green chilli sauce manufacturing process.

Thai green chilli sauce machine

Material selection: Select fresh green peppers, remove those with insect eyes or rotten green peppers so as not to affect the quality and taste of the chili sauce in the later stage. In addition to green peppers, green eggplants, shallots, and garlic are generally added to enhance the flavor of Thai green chilli sauce ;

Thai Green Suace Material

Green chilli cleaning: For the cleaning of green chilli, we have equipped a professional bubble cleaning machine with a built-in bubble generating device, through the tumbling of bubbles, and the impact of high-pressure spray to remove vegetables (green eggplant, shallots, garlic) required for chilli sauce for impurities such as pesticide dust on the surface, the vegetables needed for the cleaned chilli sauce are quickly air-dried at room temperature during the lifting process, which does not affect the subsequent processing of the green chilli sauce;
Chilli crushing: crush the cleaned green peppers and other vegetables through a crusher;
Green chilli sauce grinding: The crushed green chilli and other vegetables are ground into green chilli sauce, which has a delicate taste and is more uniform and stable;

Here is the green chili sauce gridning machine testing youtube video for your reference:

Stirring: The ground green chilli sauce generally needs to be mixed with fish sauce, lime juice, salt and other seasonings in order to achieve a Thai flavor.
Packaging: We provide various forms of packaging for Thai green chilli sauce. Common ones are canned, bagged, and bottled. Different green chilli packaging machines can be configured according to your specific needs, which is convenient for later sales and storage.

Thai green chilli sauce packing form

The above is the production process of Thai green chilli sauce. If you also want to start the processing business of green chilli sauce, please feel free to contact us online at any time. We will provide you with customized green chilli sauce processing solutions and free quotations! !

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