chili powder grinding machine

Chili Powder Grinding Machine In Sri Lanka

The chili powder grinding machine can mill Sri Lankan dried chili into 20-120 mesh chili powder, which is an inseparable seasoning in almost all dishes in Sri Lanka. So having such a paprika grinder in Sri Lanka will bring you a steady stream of income.

We all know that Sri Lanka is a spice country. This chili grinder can not only grind dried chili into 20-120 mesh chili powder, but also suitable for grinding various spices in Sri Lanka, such as cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, cloves , pepper, lemongrass and other spices;

The whole Sri Lanka paprika chili powder grinding machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which can ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the paprika during the grinding process;Here is the chili powder making machie ntesting youtube video for your referenceļ¼š

Since chili is a spicy seasoning, we generally configure a dust collector for Sri Lankan customers during the grinding process of chili powder. It can reduce the gas pollution in the grinding process of chili powder, and prevent the workers from inhaling this spicy gas during the work process and unable to work normally;

The chili powder machine generally needs to be used together with the powder packaging machine, which can help Sri Lankan customers to carry out quantitative packaging after the completion of the chili powder grinding. The packaged chili powder is not only more convenient to store and transport, but also can prevent the chili powder from being damp or contaminated by other substances. This is more conducive to later sales.

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