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How To Make Chili Sauce For Business?

Nowadays to make chili sauce for business, traditional handicraft workshops can no longer meet consumers’ demand for taste, and the efficiency is extremely low. With the development of the times, the traditional chili sauce production process cannot meet the market demand, and is gradually replaced by more professional chili hot sauce processing machine.

traditional handicraft workshops

The chili sauce processed by professional chili sauce not only tastes more delicate and mellow, but also prolongs the shelf life of the chili sauce, allowing us to eat the authentic chili throughout the year. Not only that, this set of chilli sauce making equipment can help chili sauce farmers process unsalable peppers in the season and increase the income of pepper farmers.

It is not difficult to start a chili sauce business through hot sauce processing machine, the chilli sauce manufacturing process mainly includes the following processes:

Clean, use a bubble cleaning machine to wash off the dust on the surface of the pepper;

Air dry, use an air knife air dryer to dry the water on the surface of the pepper;

Chop, use a multi-function vegetable cutter to chop the chili peppers;

Grind the sauce, use the chili colloid mill to grind the chopped fresh chili into chili sauce;

Stir fry, stir fry chili, oil and ingredients in a jacketed pot;


chilli sauce processing flow chart
chilli sauce processing flow chart

The hot sauce manufacturing equipmentmainly includes chili washing machine, chili air drying machine, multi-function vegetable cutting machine, jacketed pot, filling machine, etc. If you want to improve the degree of automation, you can increase the hoist, belt conveyor and other equipment accordingly.
Our company has continuously upgraded the technological process of chili sauce production, and has formed a mature chili sauce production solution. If you have plans to start a chili sauce processing business, please feel free to contact us online for a free quote

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